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Everyday Fire Trader sends out his personal watch list of stocks he will be watching and trading for that day. Each stock is showing some sort of volatility and momentum in the pre market hours indicating a nice potential move that day. The stocks are hand picked through thousands of stock each morning. Stocks will “gap up” or “gap down” every day due different reasons, such as; earnings reports, analyst calls, FDA approvals, offerings. The reason stocks will gap up or gap down everyday is due to some sort of catalyst. A catalyst is some sort of news or press release the company issues. Traders can take advantage of these moves by reading deep into the press release and pick apart certain key aspects of it. Be among the first to know, and have an advantage on other traders.

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Get access to Fire Traders FREE Chatroom. Everyday Fire Trader provides his morning Watchlist everyday with detailed notes on what the stock will do for that day. Fire Trader also provides live trading alerts throughout the day on positions he is entering, exiting, in both options and equity.

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